Heavy Bleeding or Irregular Periods

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Irregular Bleeding and Periods

Irregular bleeding, also called abnormal uterine bleeding (which includes heavy periods, spotting, menstrual cycle changes, missing periods, and bleeding after menopause), affects women and people with menstrual cycles in all phases from menstruation to menopause. All Alpha Providers are specially trained in women’s health and can help determine the cause of your symptoms to give you personalized, whole-person treatment and care.

Care for Heavy Bleeding or Irregular Periods

What is considered irregular or heavy bleeding?

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How does Alpha care for heavy bleeding or irregular periods?

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When should I seek care for irregular bleeding or periods?

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Prescription Medication for Heavy Bleeding or Irregular Periods

Most often, hormonal contraceptives are the first approach to treating irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding. Alpha offers several evidence-based medications, including some hormonal, non-contraceptive options. Your medication may be covered by your insurance plan - expand below for details. Shipping is always free when you choose our partner pharmacy to have your medication delivered to your door.

Hormonal Birth Control

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Hormonal Treatment (non-contraceptive)

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Non-hormonal Treatment (non-contraceptive)

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Do you experience irregular periods with other symptoms like excessive hair growth, hair loss, weight gain, or skin changes? Connect with an Alpha Provider to learn about PCOS, a common hormonal disorder.


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