Women’s Health Matters

We're making women’s health more affordable for organizations with appointment-free, personalized care that’s accessible 24/7

Making a Difference in Women’s Health

Women face the greatest barriers in accessing quality healthcare. We’re changing that as the premier nationwide virtual primary care offering that specializes in women’s health. Our inclusive, patient-first approach closes the gaps in women’s healthcare while lowering costs for patients and organizations. We're committed to treating all our patients, of all genders, with whole-person care.

Care from Women’s Health Experts

Only 9% of medical schools offer women's health courses and electives. All of Alpha's Providers are specially trained in women's health and provide our patients with the comprehensive, whole-person care they deserve.

Accessible Healthcare for an Inclusive Workplace

Our platform is 100% online and appointment free. This means employees can access healthcare on their schedules, at a time that works for them. Employee expectations in the workplace are evolving: meet them where they are with flexible healthcare options.

Affordable Healthcare for Everyone

Employers and patients can dramatically decrease spend on healthcare claims with Alpha. Our platform diverts specialty referrals and in-person visits to help organizations and patients save on healthcare costs.

Why Our Approach Works

Dr. Mary Jacobson, Chief Medical Officer at Alpha Medical

An equitable healthcare solution begins with recognizing the broad range of health conditions that are unique to women. Alpha Providers design personalized treatment plans for over 100 medical conditions and consider the whole woman - not just targeting a symptom or body part. With Alpha, a patient sees the same provider at every visit for continuous, coordinated care that supports a trusting relationship and improved health outcomes.

Mental Health

Alpha Providers incorporate evidence-based treatments with a deep understanding of how women’s hormones may impact mental health. At different life stages, women are more likely to experience anxiety and depressive symptoms that adversely affect their quality of life, economic, and social performance.

Did you know? Organizations spend over $15,000/year on each employee experiencing mental health issues.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

87% of Alpha’s patients receiving care for mental health showed improvement after their first return visit. Our patients receiving care for mental health report a 45%+ reduction in GAD-7 and PHQ-9 scores.


Alpha Providers understand how a woman’s normal hormonal fluctuation impacts medical conditions like migraines, and treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. 

Did you know? Migraines occur in women three to four times more often than in men.


Alpha Providers ask the right questions and listen to women’s health concerns to improve women’s health outcomes earlier. Alpha Providers are trained to recognize, educate and screen women for Type 2 Diabetes and vigilantly counsel and monitor women with type 2 diabetes for cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Did you know? More than half of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) will develop Type 2 Diabetes by age 40.

What We Treat

Primary & Urgent Care

Get access to simple, everyday medical needs in an affordable and discreet online process.

Acid Reflux
Birth Control
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Women's Health

Get treated for all your women's health needs & ensure your reproductive health needs are met.

Birth Control
Breast Cancer Screening & Counseling
Cervical Cancer Screening & Counseling
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Mental Health

Treatment for mental health that typically requires a visit to a specialist.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
Major Depressive Disorders
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