Women’s Health Matters

We're making women’s health more affordable for organizations with appointment-free, personalized care that’s accessible 24/7

The Alpha Difference

Care from Women’s Health Experts

Alpha is the premier nationwide virtual primary care offering that specializes in women’s health. All Alpha Providers are specially trained in the unique needs of women patients, and provide women with the comprehensive, whole-person care they deserve.

Accessible Healthcare for an Inclusive Workplace

Our platform is 100% online and appointment free. This means employees can access healthcare on their schedules, at a time that works for them. Employee expectations in the workplace are evolving: meet them where they are with flexible healthcare options.

Affordable Healthcare for Everyone

Employers and patients can dramatically decrease spend on healthcare claims with Alpha. Our platform diverts specialty referrals and in-person visits to help organizations and patients save on healthcare costs.

Alpha for Brokers & Consultants

Your clients are facing high healthcare costs and their employees want quality, on-demand care.

What Your Clients Gain with Alpha

Significant cost savings

Fractured, inefficient care from a lack of primary care can result in as much as $421 of avoidable cost per visit for women’s healthcare.

Reduced spend on misdiagnoses

Misdiagnosed health conditions can cost employers an average of $436 per visit. Women have a higher chance of being misdiagnosed than men.

24/7 accessibility to care

Health issues don’t happen on a schedule. Our 100% online, appointment-free platform means employees can access care for over 100 health conditions at any time.

Competitive compensation

Compelling, DEI-focused benefits attract diverse talent and add value to an organization's compensation plans in a competitive market.

Better employee experiences

Organizations that provide benefits that reflect their employees' values see stronger engagement, a key predictor to employee retention and referrals.

Healthier, happier teams

Comprehensive, on-demand healthcare that includes support for mental and physical health helps prevent employee burnout and stress.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

87% of Alpha’s patients receiving care for mental health showed improvement after their first return visit. Our patients receiving care for mental health report a 45%+ reduction in GAD-7 and PHQ-9 scores.

A solution for innovative organizations that value culture and cost saving

We offer a partner program for brokers and benefit consultants with special rates. Connect with us today for preferred pricing plans with seamless client integration.

Are you an employer?

Our inclusive, patient-first approach helps lower healthcare costs for organizations while making it more accessible for teams and employees.

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