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Asthma is a medical condition in which your airways narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus, making it difficult to breathe.

It can cause repeated episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, and chest tightness, but asthma can be controlled by medication and avoiding the triggers that can cause an attack. 

Get the help you need before your next attack.

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Asthma Advice

Asthma patients are at a higher risk of getting sick from respiratory diseases. Follow these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

Self Care Tips

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Inhaler Tips

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Treatment & Pricing

We offer treatment for both acute asthma attacks and long term asthma management. All medications are FDA-approved for asthma treatment. Insurance is accepted for these medications.

Some asthma medications are in limited supply. If your preferred medication is out of stock, your Alpha Provider can help find the appropriate substitution or send the prescription to your local pharmacy.

Preventive Treatments

For long term treatment of asthma, we typically prescribe corticosteroid inhalers, which reduce inflammation of the airways, as well as combination inhalers that include both a corticosteroid and a bronchodilator. Consult with your Alpha provider to determine the most effective treatment to prevent your next asthma exacerbation.

Corticosteroid Inhaler

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Combination Inhaler of Corticosteroid and Bronchodilator

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Acute Treatments

Short acting agents are used to quickly relax or open airways and relieve symptoms of asthma exacerbations. They are often called rescue or quick-relief medications and work within 15 to 20 minutes, lasting up to six hours or longer. You can also use them before exercising to prevent exercise-induced asthma symptoms. For acute treatments, we offer several types of Albuterol and Levalbuterol inhalers.

Albuterol Inhalers

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Levalbuterol Inhalers

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Your Alpha Provider can prescribe the medication you need before your next attack.

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Learn About Asthma

Do you have asthma? What are the symptoms of asthma and what triggers it?


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Asthma and allergies often go hand in hand. 60% of patients with asthma are triggered by allergies. Let Alpha treat your allergies too.

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